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  1. A pregnant woman directs her coworkers in the office

    Let’s talk about pregnancy in the workplace

    Women face all kinds of barriers in the workplace throughout their career, and this frustrating state is only amplified for pregnant women and new mothers.

  2. Quit trash, and lower your waste

    Here at Lia, we believe in minimizing trash as much as possible. Here are just a few reasons why.

  3. How biodegradable is the Lia test, really?

    We put our test to the test. Watch Lia turn into dirt right before your eyes!

  4. The author, Jesse, with his sister

    Lia matters to men, too

    One of Lia’s interns shares his thoughts on why Femtech companies like Lia matter to everyone — not just women.

  5. A smiling, happy Latin American woman

    Women’s health in Latin America gets a much-needed boost

    Planned Parenthood Global’s efforts to make reproductive health accessible.

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