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  1. Fast Company – 2018 World Changing Ideas Award Winner in the Health Category

    The device uses the same amount of material as six squares of three-ply toilet paper and contains no glue. Its protein-, plant-, and mineral-based fibers biodegrade whether flushed or composted, which means that in addition to their environmental benefits, they offer a revolutionary new measure of privacy. The device is thin enough to go into an envelope and can be placed in a back pocket. Read More

  2. Women’s Health – “A New Preg Test”

    Make that the first flushablepregnancy test. It’s called Lia, and there are reasons many women may want to keep their results private: nosy roommates or family members, complicated feelings about infertility, and abusive or coercive partners who want to control a female’s reproductive choice…Lia mimics traditional tests in that it’s 99 percent accurate (per the FDA) and used in the same way…The difference? It’s made of natural plant fibers similar to toilet paper, and it’s biodegradable.

  3. Bustle – “Lia is innovative in more than one way”

    There go millions of soap opera story lines where a secret pregnancy is revealed by a thoughtlessly discarded urine stick in the trash can. Last Monday, the Food and Drug Administration cleared Lia, the wold’s first biodegradable pregnancy test, to be sold over the counter, and it’s expected to hit the market by mid-2018. Read More.

  4. Jezebel – “Lia is here for you”

    For anyone who needs to take a pregnancy test discreetly, Lia is here for you. … The [Lia] test is more secretive than the traditional, clunky popular plastic ones, because rather than throwing it in the trash for someone to discover it, you can just flush it right away! And because it’s biodegradable, Lia argues it’s safer for the environment than the plastic tests. Read More.

  5. SELF – “You can flush this pregnancy test after you take it”

    If you have sex, you’ve probably used a pregnancy test at least once in your life—or way more than that. Honestly, some people may be peeing on a stick more times in a year than they call their grandparents. So what if you could flush those pee-covered sticks down the toilet rather than letting them chill in the trash—or, eventually, the landfill? Read More.

  6. Tonic – “Flushable pregnancy test could help women in abusive relationships”

    While a flushable pregnancy test can’t eradicate reproductive coercion altogether, it could help prevent forced abortions, or keep an abuser from literally beating the child out of someone—both real-life scenarios women have shared with me when I was working at domestic violence shelters. Read More.

  7. Dezeen – “World’s first flushable pregnancy test”

    Lia, made up of an all-female design team, [offers] women a more private alternative to pregnancy testing while also creating a more environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic methods currently on the market. The “modernised” design is made from the same non-woven, natural plant fibres that make up most toilet paper. Read More.

  8. Nonwovens Industry – “The days of hiding a plastic pregnancy test are numbered”

    The company’s proprietary new product is changing the way pregnancy tests have been made for over 30 years, using natural, biodegradable materials instead of plastics. Pregnancy tests add two million pounds of plastic and digital waste to U.S. landfills every year, according to Lia. Read More.

  9. TechCrunch – “Lia is launching the first-ever flushable pregnancy test”

    The traditional pregnancy test hasn’t seen any innovation in over 30 years, with the exception of adding a digital component. Lia Diagnostics wants to change that. The Lia pregnancy test will be the first-ever flushable test to hit the market, offering a more sustainable, disposable, convenient and private way for women to find out if they’re pregnant or not. Read More

  10. Fast Company – “The pregnancy test of the future is flushable, private, and sustainable”

    As any woman who has used one knows, the stick-shaped device that clues women into one of the most important details of their lives has a few shortcomings: It’s hard to keep private, requires a sharpshooter’s aim, and eventually winds up in a landfill. That all may be about to change. Read More

  11. Refinery29 – “The pregnancy test has been redesigned & now it’s eco-friendly”

    “Single-use diagnostics are only used for a couple of minutes, and they’re all made out of plastic and non-sustainable materials,” Edwards said. The Lia test, by contrast, is biodegradable as it’s made of a special paper that breaks down in water, making it safe to flush down the toilet and ensuring that no one will find it in the bin. Read More

  12. The Bump – “Finally, a flushable pregnancy test”

    “I can’t believe this hasn’t been done.” That’s the feedback Bethany Edwards, CEO of Lia Diagnostics, routinely receives about her company’s new pregnancy test design. And based on the discretion, disposability and sustainability it offers, we couldn’t agree more. Made out of paper, the Lia test is flushable, ensuring privacy in a way the standard sticks can’t. Read More

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